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Thematic Sites

Receiving Area, Office:
1047 Budapest, Váci út 15-19.
Tel: +36-1-613-5453, +36-1-613-5457
Mobil: +36-30-539-7624


Collection point, office:
ALFA Csányi Offie Building: 1045 Budapest, Csányi László u.34 ~ Office Building, from the courtyard take the elevator to the second floor.

Opening hours:
Monday–Tuesday–Wednesday–Thursday: 8:30–17:00
Friday: 8:30–15:00

Telephone:                                                                      Mobile:
+36-1-613-5453                                                               +36-30-539-7624

E-mail addresses:

Public Transport:
By metro M3 go to Újpest Városkapu and coach the Volán bus station side entrance. At right hand will be László Csányi Street, on the other end is ALFA CSÁNYI Office Building. To the left we enter the courtyard of the building, for passing will be on the left the elevator (in the yard) by which the second floor must go up.

By car:
László Csányi street is a one-way street from the Arad Street, the office building is at the corner of Arad and László Csányi streets. Come to László Csányi street, from front door go into the right and then to the yard, to the left and the elevator there is (in the yard), and go to the second floor. Parking in the yard for free.

Tax number:

Headquarters (billing address):
1114 Budapest, Eszék u. 13-15.