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1047 Budapest, Váci út 15-19.
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ORBIS ASTRO UNO ~ Digital Time Switches

Orbis Astro Uno ~ astronomical timed switch with daily updating and simple guided programming using text menus; one switched contacts; has a connection port for programming through the Bluetooth Dongle; up to 40 daily or weekly programs; fixed or astronomical operations (dawn and dusk); large backlight display with contrast adjustment; on-screen chronogram of functioning; 4 periods between two dates with special programs; Allows the programming of cycles and pulses as short as 1 second; manual activation or deactivation, temporary or permanent; automatic daylight savings changes; keyboard blocking; seable window

Free Apps from App Store and Google Play

3 year guarantee

230VAC; 50/60Hz

Note: the Bluetooth Dongle is not included!!!
EUR 40,09+ VAT
EUR 50,91