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Receiving Area, Office:
1047 Budapest, Váci út 15-19.
Tel: +36-1-613-5453, +36-1-613-5457
Mobil: +36-30-539-7624

Orbis Pladiled 80 2N ~ LED Lights with Detector

Orbis Pladiled 80 2N ~ LED Lights with Detector; dual lighting level LED light; high frequency technology, high performance detects even slight movements; detection improves in closed volumes such as corridors, entrance halls, bathroom facilities and offices; after the set delay time, lighting will remain at 30% of its maximum level; 100% lighting level between 10s and 12min, 30% lighting level between 0s and permanent; detection pattern from 4m to 16m diameter; IP66

230VAC; 50/60Hz; 360º

3 Year Guarantee
EUR 41,12+ VAT
EUR 52,22